1st Buffalo Skull Legion. (Big Sky Republic)

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1st Buffalo Skull Legion. (Big Sky Republic)

Postby Thom » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:30 pm

Well organised though poorly equiped, the 1st Buffalo Skull Legion is composed completely of volunteers flying a wide variety of privately owned aircraft. Ground crews face a difficult job of finding parts and supplies for such a wide variety a planes that they have begun to retrofit and modify everything they can to use commonly available standard off the shelf automotive components. For the honor or putting their lives and aircraft on the line, Pilots receive the amazing sum of one dollar a day plus room and keep.

Twenty Two planes strong, they are broken into four squadrons of four to six planes each. Each Squadron sets out "On Tour" making a two week long patrol circut of the new nation. Squadrons are spaced out, launching four to five days apart, so that one remains in Helena on recovery while the other three are out providing roughly equal coverage to the rest of the nation.

Many small malitia units have been created but as yet they have not been incorperated into Govt service. One of the 1st Buffalo Skull Legions main missions is to train and unite these various malitia units, and hopefully to eventualy incorperate them into the Buffalo Skull Legions for national service.

Notable Malitias have arisen in Boise, Billings, Missoula, Butte, Great Falls, Calgary and Edmonton. Private forces can be found working for the Anaconda Company in Butte, and the Alberta's Great Prairie Petrolium Company.

In addition the Anaconda Company owns a good number of Zepplins which they use to transport copper and finished metals to markets. The new nation has arranged to "Barrow" several of these which are being converted to use as carriers for the Buffalo Skulls.

As yet they have produced no pilots of note but that sure wont last for long!
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Re: 1st Buffalo Skull Legion. (Big Sky Republic)

Postby setbb.com » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:41 pm

Grant Wrote
(As mentioned in the other thread).
When I read this I was wondering if you had ever been to Montana Well now I know

Sounds like a good unit, and a excellent background. The Buffalo Skulls won't be long until they get alot of new recruits (if they want). Montanans like fighting

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