PIS SOS 5, The Rundson River Rats

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PIS SOS 5, The Rundson River Rats

Postby Cyagen » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:09 pm

A squadron that I created for a Pbemail campaign that unfortunately died after the first game.


Pacifica Intelligence Service (P.I.S.)

The PIS was the brain child of Sir Anthony Walker, a retired English diplomat that was living his old days in Victoria when Pacifica became independent. Modelled after the English Foreign Service, its task is to promote and protect Pacifica’s interests abroad by any means necessary. Sir Walker died in 1932, two months before the official operational debuts of the PIS. The Service is officially a branch of the Pacifica Foreign Ministry and has no ties to the Army and collaboration between military and civilian intelligence do not happen without tension. Sir Walker is probably screaming in rage from heaven seeing that the acronym for his beloved agency is now being used as a synonymous for a peculiar bodily function. (A covert operation is called informally pising, an agent a piser, a disinformation campaign taking a pis, pising at someone is trying to turn him into a double agent, etc…).

P.I.S. Special Operations Squadrons

The SOS were created in 1933 to train independent militias to act as a buffer between Pacifica and Alaska. This designation now also covers a group of Pacifica trained pilots operating in disputed or enemy territory. Usually the Squadrons are composed of 1 to 4 regular Pacifica pilots that provide training, supplies and technical assistance to locals and/or mercenaries favourable to Pacifica’s cause.

PIS SOS 5, The Rundson River Rats

The Rundson River is located in the middle of Northern’s California extensive river system. Since the end of 1936, this region has been the base of operation of the Rundson River Rats. The fifth SOS, this unit was put in place to support the local Northern California separatists. Lead by Maj. (ret) Reginald “Long John” Silvermane they have became the bane of Hollywood institutions in the sectors and local heroes. They have been officially branded pirates by the Hollywood Air Force, and strong diplomatic complaints have been transmitted to Pacifica urging it to stop any support to the group. Pacifcia and PIS officials deny any links with the Rats, but no one seems to believe them. The Rats are a mix of Pacifica-trained pilots, Lakotian mercenaries and Northern separatists. Some in the separatist movement are worried that Pacifica is only paying lip service to the ambitions of the Californians, but the general feeling is that even under Pacifica’s rule, they could not be more ignored then under Hollywood. The Rats employ mainly float planes since they operate from cover bases and improvised airfield around lakes and rivers.
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Re: PIS SOS 5, The Rundson River Rats

Postby setbb.com » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:23 pm

Grant Wrote
Nice unit, sounds like a interesting one. Elite mis-information/intellegence services sound like a good idea.

Yahzuk Wrote
I remember the RRR. Here is the background of the Redwood Knights, the River Rat's opponent in that short-lived campaign.

Redwood Knights

When David Dunbar took office, he promised to redouble Hollywood’s efforts to retake the lands occupied by Pacifica since 1932. Unfortunately, the battle for Northern California was bound to be a prolonged struggle with slow progress and significant losses to both sides, not the glamorous media blitz the celebrity pilots of the Metro Marauders were accustomed to. Celebrities and filmmakers throughout the nation immediately began pressuring the government to renege this promise. Instead Dunbar commissioned a new squadron, naming them the Redwood Knights after the giant redwood trees, a symbol of strength and perseverance.

Then in a shocking move, Dunbar opened the squadron to all citizens, regardless of social status, claiming that “the squadrons strongest supporters would be the hard-working people of Northern California who wish to escape from Pacifica’s rule.” Critics have openly questioned the purity of Dunbar’s motives, and Dunbar’s subsequent popularity rise among the working class is hard to dismiss as mere coincidence. Others have suggested that the studios are still controlling the government and the new squadron is a ploy to reduce pressure to allow the working class to enlist in the Metro Marauders.

Ironically, the Redwood Knights draws the majority of its recruits from two sources; the small faction of Northern Californians who really do wish to reunite with the Nation of Hollywood, and “B-reel” celebrities seeking to gain the media attention they need to join one of Hollywood’s more prestigious air militias. For the most part, Hollywood’s premiere squadrons like the Metro Maruaders have simply snubbed the Redwood Knights, forcing the new squadron to stand on its own.


Cyagen Wrote
Thanks Yazuk, I had not saved that text...

Carthaginian Wrote
I find the Redwood Knights an interesting concept in themselves.
A Hollywood squadron that doesn't require 'impeccable pedigree' to enlist, and which is generally ignored- even in combat- by the southern Kalifornia units.

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