Squadrons of Sky Vegas

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Squadrons of Sky Vegas

Postby FF5 MadMaxX » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:06 pm

I am working on stats for my Sky Vegas Squadrons maybe some of you have some ideas.

Here is what i setup so far:

1. Squad - Royal Flush Gang

Govanni „Ace of Spades“ Castello – Squadron Leader
Feats: Squadron Leader
Airplane: Peacemaker

Antonio „King of Spades“ Deaccio
Airplane: Devastator

Kathrin „Queen of Spades“ Beradi
Airplane: Devastator

Jim „Jack of Spades“ O’Neil
Airplane: Devastator

Thomas “Ten of Spades” Crown
Airplane: Devastator

Jack „Joker“ Napier
Airplane: Peacemaker

Background: Bugsy Siegels personal gang

2. Squad - The Showgirls

Claire „Bella Donna“ Bonasera – Squadron Leader
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 2, Squadron Leader
Airplane: M210 Raven

Penelope „Siren“ Lombardi
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 1
Airplane: Bloodhawk

Barbara „Banshee“ van Angstroem
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 1, Evade
Airplane: M210 Raven

Julie „The Witch of the West“ Burns
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 1
Airplane: M210 Raven

Victoria “Vendetta” Fox
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 1, Outmaneuver
Airplane: Bloodhawk

Michelle Mai-Lin “Harpy” Chan
Feats: Stunt Pilot Lvl. 1, Kamikaze
Airplane: Bloodhawk

Background: Every day the Showgirls Squad performs a air show with a lot of stunts, but also they defend sky vegas if necessary.

Special rules: Showgirls love the spotlight so there are not shocked by spot lights.

3. Squad(s) - Sky Vegas Security Forces
They are the police of Sky Vegas.
no notable pilots yet.
They have 2 Zeppelins and 5 Squads (with Peacemaker, Firebrands and Avengers)

So feel free to post your ideas...

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Re: Squadrons of Sky Vegas

Postby setbb.com » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:27 pm

Grant Wrote
Look interesting.

One thing: Maybe the SKy Vegas police force zeppelins, not actual zeppelins but gunboat/frigates? More suited to police duties. Although I guess police duties in CS are pretty heavy duty.

I like the Royal Flush gang, Bugsy Siegal I assume is a bigshot in Sky Vegas?

Carthaginian Wrote
I like the special rule for the Showgirls... great feature that will make them very dangerous in urban combat. The names are a bit 'rough & tumble', though, for showgirls. I'd think they would have more 'feminine' nicknames.

Grant Wrote
I dunno ;) This is sorta the wild west again......

FF5 MadMaxX Wrote
Bugsy Siegel is the owner of Sky Vegas.

The background is, that Utha destroyed Las Vegas, and so Bugsy decided to rebuild the city as a flying city and thats Sky Vegas.
And now Sky Vegas floats high obove the clouds...

@Grant: Thats why the police of Sky Vegas need zeppelins.

The Nicknames for the Showgirls are indeed not that feminin, if you have some cool Nicknames tell me.

Grant Wrote
THis Sky Vegas, basically immobile (Or very slow) gasbag buildings? Sounds great Sorta like the Cloud City of Bespin.

Thom Wrote
Wikipedia wrote:
. . . Gambling was legalized in the city on March 19, 1931. On December 26, 1946, Bugsy Siegel's opened the infamous Flamingo Hotel in Paradise on what would later become the Las Vegas Strip. The Hoover Dam was completed on October 9, 1936 outside of Boulder City . . .
<Combined text>
. . . In 1937, the East Coast mob sent Siegel to California to develop syndicate gambling rackets with Los Angeles mobster Jack Dragna. Once in L.A., Siegel recruited gang boss Mickey Cohen as his lieutenant. Siegel used syndicate money to set up a national wire service to help the East Coast mob quicken their returns. . .
. . . Las Vegas gave Ben Siegel his second opportunity to reinvent himself. Siegel had originally traveled to Southern Nevada in 1934 with Meyer Lansky's lieutenant Moe Sedway, on Lansky's orders to explore possibilities for expanding their operations. Lansky had turned the [desert over to Siegel. But Siegel, wanting nothing to do with it, turned it over to Moe Sedway and fled with lightning speed for the lights and glamor of Hollywood. . .

With the changes in the Crimson Skies timeline it is completely plausible that Siegel would have started his Vegas empire much earlier Which the nation shattered the eastern mobs might not have as much influence. In another thread I proposed creating the new nation of "Comstock" from what was left of Nevada and Northern California, if that were to happen then someone like Bugsy would certainly have major influence, perhaps even set himself up as president or at least as the power behind the office. One would have to wonder what his relationship would be like with the Hollywood based mob?

FF5 MadMaxX Wrote
Yes Sky vegas floats.
For during a dogfight it stands still. You can look at the game maps i put into our downloadsection. Or if you look into the German document of sky Vegas you will find a blueprint of the city.


each section of the city is a disc like a frisbee. and they rotate slowly, but too slow that it affects anything thats happend during a aircombat.

here is a brief translation of the alernate history part of Viva Sky Vegas:

gambling becomes legalized in nevade because of the lack of an greater athority. also the Bolder Dam Project was canceled. and the dam remains unfinished.

The new founded Nation of Hollywood began to restart the Bolder Dam building as a new energie resource. Hollywood annexed parts of nevada.
Also the first casinos where build
1934 the dam was finished

bugsy siegel invested money he stole form the havana syndicate into casinos. and also he founded a airmilita to protected the city of Las vegas
(this milita is later known as the Royal Flush Gang).

Between Utha and Hollywood a border disputed arised.
Utha bombarded the gomorrah of Las Vegas. most of the city was destroyed.

Busgy siegel has an idean to rebuild las vegas, not as a city on the ground but a fleet of flying casinos. but he also mentioned that zeppelins are too small. So he looked for some sponsors and learned about Howard Hughes. and with his company the idea of sky vegas was born.

The first segements of Sky Vegas where finished. And the city floats in the crimson skies ...

So Hollywood and Sky Vegas are friends Hollywood uses Sky Vegas as a mobile base for attacks against Utha or other enemies in the disputed western teretories.

The worst enemie is Utha and also the Syndicate of Havanna has set a large ransom on Bugsys head.
On the other Hand Busgy supports secretly smugglers of Sky Heaven and other pirates. Bugsy is the main owner and ruler of Sky Vegas while howard and the other investors are silent partners.

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