7th RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Air Battalion

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7th RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Air Battalion

Postby Grant » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:58 pm

Formed in early 1934, in response to the rising threat of Western Australia, the 7th RAAF Air Battalion has been a the fore-front of anti-revolutionary fighting ever since fighting turned violent in '35.

Currently it is stationed at Darwin, on the northern coast of the continent. It is one of Australia's elite units, and the slowly advancing Revolutionary forces have meant the stationing of many of the best Commonwealth pilots there.

It's commander is a Colonel Edward Winters, veteran of the Great War. He was already a double ace when the revolution began, from both the Great War and during the rise in aerial piracy in the early thirties. A firm supporter of the Commonwealth, and strong ties with the British Empire, he has been known to respond visciously to some Republican forces that he feels are traitors above the rest.

Among those units is the 16th Republican Combined Arms Brigade. The leader (Robert Cowlings) is considered by Winters, to be a forthright traitor, turning on his country, for what Winters describes as "A under-handed power grab". Weather that is true or not is up for contest, but the feud continues. Even though the 16th is officially stationed several hundred miles south of Darwin, there has been known instances of the opposing units to make raids into each others home territory.

With the recent transfer of fully half of the 16th Republicans to a line section near Darwin, has led to speculation that Western Australia is planning an offensive to take that city.

Returning to the subject of the 7th RAAF Battalion, it is currently among the elite of the RAAF forces, it's logistics are easily among the best the Commonwealth has to offer, it rarely lacks parts, ammunition or replacement aircraft and pilots. It does occasionally suffer, but it generally is well equipped. This has led to hard feelings with some of the forces serving alongside them, but for the most part has been accepted.

It's current kill ratio is 3:1. Amazing on paper, but considering that it is among the Commonwealth's elite, fighting average pilots, it is often wondered why it is not higher.

It currently is assigned 6 squadrons of aircraft, 3 fighter, 2 fighter-bomber, and a heavy attack squadron. The fighter squadrons are primarily made up of Bell Valiants, DH9 Hornets, and Curtiss-Wright J2 Furies. The fighter-bombers are more varied, consisting of Fairchild Brigands, Devastators, Bell King Cobras, and the like. The heavy attack squadron is made up of the usual Warhawks, Beheamoths and a pair of Kestrals.

The 7th RAAF's aircraft inventory are a common insight to the average Australian air unit. Amazingly enough for being a former British Colony, over half of the aircraft on the continent are manufactured in North America, or at least designed in North America. This may be in part due to the more liberal selling policies conducted in North America, secondly it could be differing sets of needs, more similar to North America than Britain.

Like most Commonwealth units, the 7th RAAF has no ground units with the exception of it's base AA and AAA guns. The Commonwealth forces are better organized, and the army and air units sserve in conjuction together, but the actual administration is seperated. As such, the 7th RAAF only serves an air support function.


Unit Rules:
When creating pilots decide which squadron they are for. If they are being created for the fighter squadrons (And not fighter-bomber, of heavy fighter) they must have a Natural Touch of 5, and a sixth sense of 4 minimum (More if you wish). They are all combat veterans and have a knack for flying aircraft, and anticipating their opponents moves, tactics which are well suited to the massively agile aircraft they pilot.

Otherwise all rules are normal.

Notable Pilots:

Colonel Edward Winters.
History: Unlike his main rival Robert Cowlings, Edward Winters is a combat veteran, and a highly skilled pilot (Cowlings is a good pilot, and skilled, but has less than half the kills Winters does). In his late thirties, he still has many years of flying in him, and he still makes combat patrols with his unit. He has a keen sense of instinct in the air, combined with his natural skill, make him a deadly opponent, and once he gets on your tail, it is tough shaking him, all the while suffering from his deadly guns.

Aircraft: He flies a modified Bell Valiant. He has done a massive amount of modifications to it, including the installation of 330 pounds of armor, nearly again the original armor on the plane. This has led to the wings being less structurally secure, only capable of 3G's, but greatly increases the aircrafts life-span, the plane now bearing 120 pounds of armor on each section of the plane. He has also swapped out the original .30 caliber wing guns, with superior Sperry-Browning Zeyphrs. With these modifications, the Bell Valiant transforms from a light fighter, to a medium brawler, capable of tangling with many fighter-bombers.

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