Khan Industries.

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Khan Industries.

Postby Grant » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:57 pm

No one knows when Kahn Industries was first founded, only when it first appeared.

In 1935 Akela Kahn arrived to Suzzette Island with a zeppelin, a combat squadron and a jackpot load of cash. Many suspicion that he had a far larger empire already, and only impersonated a up and coming businessman. The speed with which he aqquired resources lends credence to that thought.

In addition a number of people have been said to have reliable information, on a number of shell companies, being run under differant corporations and names, but the profits, and actual control being in the hands of Kahn.(Rumprs claim that in actuality, dozens of shipping companies around the world are under his thumb, if not in control, through debt, or blackmail).

His current business ventures are varied, small-scale mining throughout the pacific islands, transport between the pacific rim nations, and a number of other legitimate operations openly.

Covertly, he runs a far-reaching and lucatrive empire. Although all still openly work under his Kahn Industries logo, their operations are kept clean, precise, and carefully worked to lessen his personal involvement.

The first of these "Operations" is in the arms market. Numerous times (The Chance-Vought Corsair for one instance), military hardware, including planes, artillary, machine guns, and ground armor, have been bought elsewhere, and within 2 months reappeared on the Australian continent, China, and other area's of conflict. When confronted, Kahn industries released this statement, "Our official policy, is neutrality. Whoever may buy what we are selling, no questions asked."

The major powers have let this slide, but a second of his operations may make them think differantly in the near future. The operation in question is Kahn's "Legitimized air piracy". Kahn combat zeppelins inflicting acts of air piracy against cargo zeppelins.

This brought major outcry from England after a cargo zeppelin with British passengers aboard, was attacked and boarded by Kahn's flagship Executioner. The two sides nearly came to blows, with England dispatching 3 combat zeppelins from their stations in India to the area.

The matter blew itself out after a week and no word was recieved on the reason (Although a "Inside source", claimed that Kahn threatened to withdraw the service of his "Covert companies" that provided a large percentage of British shipping, and also, that if devoting his entire company to attacking the Crown, that it would lead to losses, nearing a open conflict with a major power.)

Although this rumor is likely only telling half the story (Or half again as much), it is possible that Kahn reached a deal with the Crown.

Kahn's military is substantial, nearly what a entire region in North America might have. He has three large combat zeppelins, and another 4 smaller combat, patrol and converted combat cargo zeppelins. He has over 16 squadrons of fighter craft, including bomber squadrons, air-sea rescue, zeppelin escort and long range patrol.

Those numbers, although massive to many, is a pitance considering what they need to protect. Kahn has over 2 dozen (Acknowladged) cargo zeppelins, and 3 dozen surface tramp cargo ships, along with 4 semi-perminant refueling bases, and airstrips. Question..How does Kahn maintain security for his shipping line?

Simple..make a deal with the pirates. Being a "Legitimate Pirate" himself, Kahn has gained unhindered access to Achilles Island. Although the details are unknown, he has reached a deal with one of the largest organized pirate force in the Pacific, Don "Karnage"s' band "Fortune's Death", who operate 2 zeppelins, and 5 squadrons of fighter planes. The deal works, because many of the smaller pirate bands are afraid of reprisal by Kahn's massive military, and the larger bands have operating deals with Kahn.

Kahn situated his home base on Suzzette Island, which is roughly 800 miles east of Australia. His massive funding, has converted the island from a average Pacific island, to a massive fortress. Although much of the island remains a wilderness, and untouched by human activity, the town of Suzzette, and it's surrounding area, has been welded into a bastion of defence.

His personal airstrip is the only landbased strip on the island. Although he allows useage of sections of it by private owners, most are still using sea or floatplanes and have no need for it. He has emplaced a number of AAA guns around the town, and airstrip, including fortifying two small reefs a quarter of a mile outside of Suzzette, all are emplaced in a fashion to repel a ground or sea-based attack in addition to the air. Kahn has even emplaced a number of six and seven inch cannons, to deter zeppelin, and heavy ship attacks.

All-in-all Kahn is becoming a power-player in the South Pacific. His influence is being felt around the entire oceans rim, and he cannot be taken for granted. His military might is approaching that of a small nation, and his shipping companies, both seen and unseen, are trudging away, slowly but surely building his empire even more.

Unit Rules: Kahn Squadrons are created with Squadron Leaders at 800 Points. Flight Leaders(Flights are the usual 4 or 6 plane flights, not 2 plane pair) at 600 points, The rest are as per normal. Pilots cannot have "Handles" like most squadrons, being a para-military unit, of rigid discipline while on-duty (Off duty is another matter).

Kahn Industries can use any plane they want other than exclusive, or highly experimental (Planes such as the Messerschmitt 108, or J4 Ascender would be out, where even British Phantasms would be available).

ALL combat engagements involving Kahn Pilots, a Die roll must be made. On results of 7 or higher, reinforcements from Kahn will arrive, Another Die rollX2 will tell when (Result of 2, means reinforcements arrive in 4 turns). This is due to Kahns heavy influence in the Islands, his constant patrols, and his playing it safe by assigning multiple escort units.

Colonel David Bagheera.
History: A native of India, it is not known when Colonel Bagheera joined Kahn's military. But has been commander of it's operations for the past 2 years. He fights with a vicious loyalty to his commander, and is capable of brute force. He may stop at harming civilians, but if they stood in the way of his commanders objectives, he would plow through without regard.

Akela Kahn
History: Founder of Kahn Industries. Although he has pilots to do his bidding as he wishes. Kahn himself is a skilled pilot. Capable of flying any craft. His massive size (6 feet 6 inches tall) makes him too big for many aircrafts cockpits, but when he enters a cockpit, there is a high probability that his opponent will be going down in flames.

Creators Note: I made this in homage to the Cartoon Talespin...I rememebr it from when I was a kid, and it as a blast of a show..Very CrimsonSkies-like... and I thought it deserved homage.
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Re: Khan Industries.

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:20 pm

Phoenix Wrote
Methinks that my pirate group will be brokering a deal with Kahn...He would be a very powerful ally and supplier, and we can offer 12 squadrons of combat-ready pilots and one of hte most powerful carrier zeppelisn around. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Grant Wrote

Although Kahn prefers non-aggression treaties (I think). He is self-reliant, and capable of handling himself, and has no need for others... But who knows

Phoenix Wrote
True...Well, we do have the advantage that we are EXCEEDINGLY new and as such areunheard of and are good at operating undercover. Plus, we have ties to Britain, Germany, and the ISA, all of which produce quality products for resale...

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