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Postby Grant » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:09 am

Okay, a few plugs out there for a good guy.

Author of some extremely awesome books. ... ht=corriea Stuff in conjunction with a guy. Good stuff, they're reworking it into a official book!!! ABout a black-ops unit in the Middle east. Followed by betrayel, a fight in the US and a bunch of backstabbing, ... 132852.htm Good ol' monster blasting. Like seeing werewolves, vampires, and other unmentionables getting shot, torched or blown up? there it is.

I got the last one pre-ordered off of Amazon, and am awaiting anything new.

Main perks: Awesome action. Decent interaction, but alot more emphasis on the gunfights.

Which brings up point 2: Gun authenticity. The guy don't make mistkes like "Flicking on the revolvers safety". The guys are GUN NUTS> Love guns and everything associated with them!!! Who can't love the material and their emphasis at the same time!!!

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Re: AWESOME Author

Postby Biggles125 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:05 pm

Hey Grant,I notice there is a sequel to Monser Hunters on the Baen books webscription site, coming soon. It's called Vendetta. ... a-arc.aspx

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Re: AWESOME Author

Postby Grant » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:12 pm

Hey thanks for letting me know.

But..I already got it ;) I'm on the author's forum..

I hate E anything..much less E-books, but I shelled out the $15 for it...I bought it at 9 in the morning and finished it by 10 in the evening....

It's good, but not quite what the first one was...I guess :| ...most sequals are that way.

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Re: AWESOME Author

Postby Grant » Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:09 am

Just letting y'all know: The book is out for good now, Amazon,etc.


It was #4 best selling Fantasy novel last week!! And actually made the NYTimes best seller list.

Although it did kinda make half the readers wonder how it was a fantasy novel. Too many good ol' fashioned explosions to be fantasy.

But seriously, if any of these things sound interesting:
Zombie Elephants.
Gangsta gnomes (Y'know, the lawn ornament dudes, except with tiny guns and bad attitudes).
More Explosions.
Rocket Launchers.
Another explosion.
machine guns, guns and big guns.
A massive flare launcher.
10 ton harpoon.
A HUGE explosion.
The "Old ones", think Chtulhu here.
A government issued, G-ride Armored SUV with
friggin' quarter-million-horsepower engine forged in the fires of Mordor
The demonic roar of the engine was almost as loud as the banshee siren that warned everyone else to get out of the way or be flattened beneath our armored steel bumpers.
Our tax dollars had equipped Agent Franks with the SUV from Hell.

The real source behind internet Spam (This one ya gotta see).
And a Mexican Prison.

THIS, is the book for you.

If none of that appeals to you......

Buy one anyway. You need better reading material.

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