What all do ya play?

Other gaming here. PC, board,etc. ANY type of gaming at all.
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Re: What all do ya play?

Postby captnmartin » Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:24 pm

Saitek Cyborg Evo or X-52.

Learn them, love them, live them.

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Re: What all do ya play?

Postby Jester » Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:21 am

I've got a Saitek Cyborg Evo and I have to say its pretty nice for the price range.

I still miss my Sidewinder though.
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Re: What all do ya play?

Postby Phoenix » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:14 pm

I love Il-2 1946 - I play it with an online clan called The Tempest Union. Great bunch of guys. I usedto use a Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick, but I'm leaving it with my brother to use, so I got a Saitek Aviator to replace it, although I haven't had a chance to try it out.

Recently I've been looking at a number of other games: Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, and Sins of a Solar Empire to start with.
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Re: What all do ya play?

Postby SteampunkIronRider » Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:49 pm

OWoD - V:tM, W:tA, M:tA, C:tD LARP
NWoD - M:tA, C:tL LARP
d20 - Pathfinder, Spelljammer d20, Iron Kingdoms, Eberron
GURPS (when I have players)
Considering running Shadowrun or MechWarrior when I have players again...

Board Games:
I'd love to get into Gear Krieg, WH40K, WarMachine, and/or Mutant Chronicles/Warzone. If I still had my boxed set, I'd so be playing CS, and if I had 'Mech miniatures, I'd be playing BattleTech.

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Re: What all do ya play?

Postby Captain Zee » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:06 am

Ah, hell, I guess I'll put mine up -

MMO's - Aces High II (if I had the cash): love the open world, drive whatever you want, GTA style to it, great flight sim as well.
Eve Online (again, if I had the cash): great open world element, however, don't like 'tactical' point-and-click navigation, great for long distances, but not in battle.
Uncharted Waters Online (thank god it's free): again, open world, and again, don't like 'tactical' navigation.

Interesting note about Eve and UWO, along with others, is that the only choices of pirate-based MMO's is sometime in the 1600-1700's or distant future. There is no "middle ground." Crimson Skies is as close as it gets, without the "Massively" of Multiplayer Online games. One of the reasons it's my favorite, though.

Other - Il-2 1946: open world, little to much "simulation" though.

Xbox 360
Battlefield - Bad Company 1&2: love the driving anything element, with a great destruction engine.
1943: love flying the planes (unfortunately, so does everyone else).

Red Faction: Guerilla - great destruction and "blow stuff up" engine, along with a large array of unique vehicles to drive, unfortunately left out in multiplayer.

Grand Theft Auto Series - love, and still have, all of them, except GTA 1 and the London pack.

Red Dead Redemption (along with Nightmare and even the original Revolver) - old west version of GTA, really different from most "wild west" based games, with great music.

They're the only console I have, living on a delivery boys wage.
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