Aaron "Weasel".
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Lead 4

Biography:  Slick-haired and a trimmed moustache, he often likes to play the role of a lady's man.  Albeit rather unsuccessfully.   In the end his attempts at grooming only lead to a weasl-like appearance.

History:  Born in Spain of a Cuban mother and Spanish officer, he was raised in an atmosphere hostile to his background.  With the Spanish invasion of Cuba in 1931, he volunteered for service in the newly formed Cuban Air Corps.   

However as the Spaniards began overwhelming the Cuban Defenders, Aaron found the old prejudice assaulting him from the other side, due to his being half Spanish, that of the invaders.  As the Spanish fully occupied the island, he deserted the cause, going first to Dixie, then to the ISA, before making his way to Free Colorado. 

After several years of making his way through gangs he joined with the Montana Raiders, where he has remained. 

No-one knows his last name, leading some to believe that he is of possibly royal lineage, but no-one knows.

Aircraft:  Weasel flies a modified King Cobra. He removed the nose-mounted .60 caliber and replaced it with a light .30.  With the space freed up, it allowed him to double the armor over the aircraft, while keeping a (small) backup if the .50's run dry.

Weapons: Weasel carries a Spanish-made Broomhandle Mauser in 9MM.  A large, bulky weapon, he sometimes leaves it in his quarters and instead carries a smaller Astra 9MM.

Jake "Brigand" O'neill
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Wing 4

Biography:  A newer pilot of the group, Jake is in his late thirties, graying hair.  His military demeanor from the USAAF still holds through however.   He still wears the issue jodhpurs and riding boots.

History: O'neill (With two L's), served in the USAAF up until the collapse of the United States.   He served in the Columbian military for a short period before realizing that the government had little chance of re-uniting North America, instead capitolizing on it's neutrality.

He afterwards joined Blake Aviation, his past records allowing him to easily work his way to squdron leader.  However in 1936 as the Spanish Civil War broke out, he resigned his commission, and joined a volunteer group of pilots going to aid the Republicans.

It did not take long in the civil war however to realize that the Republicans and Nationalists were not all that far apart in terms of harshness to policies not their own and treatment of the opposing side.  He left by August of 1936, returning to North America.

Blake was not interested in re-hiring him, due to his resignation to a cause Blake did not want to interfere in.  National militias held little appeal, all serving nations that brought about the US's downfall.  

Instead he packed up, headed to Free Colorado and began looking through pirate gangs.  It was by chance that the Montana Raiders were looking for an additional pilot as he looked for a gang.    They provided him with a Brigand, and he spent the money customizing it.  

Jake is a neutral, who leans towards Unionism, and in the event of some major re-unification war, it is quite possible he would leave and join in the fight.

Aircraft: Jake flies a modified F6 Brigand.  He replaced a pair of .50's wth .30 quivalents and removed the .30's from the turrent.  In their place he put a single, .60 caliber Barret, modified for rapid fire. With only a single barrel pointing out the center of the turrent, it enabled another 30 pounds of armor added to the tail section. 
(This aircraft has forward armament of 2X.30, and 2X.50.  The rear .60 uses the Superior Rapid Fire rules).

Weapons:  Jake carries a 1911 .45ACP, issued to him in the US Army Air Force.  Carried through the breakup and the Spanish Civil War, it has seen heavy use.