"King" James Knoel.
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Lead 3.

He dresses in some of the best quality clothes and looks like he stepped out of the front page of an Empire State tabloid.  Tall, handsome, and a general heart-throb to any non-pilot female.   "King" James lives up to his name.  He is the groups wealthiest pilot, even surpassing their leader's reputed wealth.   No-one really knows where he gets it, many suspicioning ties to "Old Money" in the Empire State.

History:  No-one knows Knoel's background, but his New York accent, and mannerisms all scream Empire State. Whether that is the truth, or a show has yet to be shown.   He was among the forming pilots and is well-trusted in the band.      He is a stark contrast to his wingman, and has taken it upon himself to "Help" the somewhat grungy, plain pilot-farmer from the Collective.

Aircraft: "King James" flies a modified J2 Fury.  He dropped in a souped up Pratt& Whitney engine. It has upped the planes speed to 300MPH, although it is still sluggish at slow speeds.  This meant he had to drop his old armament for paired .30's and .50's.

Weapons:  "King James" carries a pair of the new .357 S&W Magnums of course, them being a "Top fashion" thing.

Bill "Jammer" Anders.
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Wing 3

Biography:  In his early twenties, medium height and grubby blonde beard and moustache, Anders is a fully forgettable person.    Although on the crude side of the line, his lead has taken a great interest in having him tag along on his various excursions to the higher-class establishments in Sky Haven.

History:   Anders was born in Kansas.  He grew up in the Peoples Collective in his late teens, and grew to despise the sometimes harsh-handed law of "The people".   As he grew older, he was among the many young men who joined the Collective's militias.    After awhile he quickly began to see what was behind the Collective.

Although all were equal in the collective, some were more equal than others.   He finally deserted his unit when he saw a isolated community nearly freezing do death from the cold of winter, while his commanding officer was keeping fuel oil in reserve "Just in case" a scheduled tanker car did not arrive.

He joined with the Raiders after he deserted to Colorado (In meeting with the Free Colorado Air Militia, he was forced to shoot down one fighter of a three plane flight.   Managing to flee to a small airfield, having his Defender re-painted before continuing). 

Aircraft: Jammer flies a slightly modified PR1 Defender.   He had the original Czech weapons replaced with standard Brownings.

Weapons:  Jammer uses a 7.62MM Tokerov that he took with him from the PC.