Kevin "Cowboy" Kelly
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Lead 2.

Biography: Kevin Kelly is of Irish and Mexican backgrounds, somewhat short, around 5'6", dark hair and a tanned skin, but with an Irishman's temper, Kevin looks the part of a cowboy but retains much of his former heritage in dress and behavior.

History:  Kevin is what most of the former born and bred Westerners called a "Dude cowboy" or "City Slicker".   He is in love with anything western related although he is not born to it.   The son of a barber in the People's Collective, he joined with the Raider's in it's infancy, the sole reason he was allowed in was the aircraft he brought with him.     Nonetheless he's proven a decent pilot.    

His main hobby has proved his downfall more than aerial combat, his various attempts at bull-riding and wild-horse riding bringing about a total of a dozen differant occasions where broken or cracked bones were his only prize.   However that ability that evades him in the rodeo arena has found him in the cockpit.   He can easily put his Bloodhawk into maneuvers that would shame some of the Hollywoof Knights, although his gunnery skills don't explot it effectively.    

His pairing with Miller, a deadl gunnery expert has proven the best of both worlds.

Aircraft: Kevin flies a un-modified Hughes Bloodhawk.

Weapons: Cowboy is not overly interested in what he carries, but normally it is a large-bore revolver.

Judy "Killer" Miller.
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Wing 2

Biography: 5' 5", brunette and with a alternatively carefree or serious attitude, she has often been mistaken for Justine Perote of the Medusa's gang, which both of the women apparently hate.   The one time the two ever met, they came within inches of a fight before being dragged away by their respective bands.

History:  "Killer" is originally from the ISA.  With a dislike for the ISA after it repossessed her parent's dairy farm for nationalization, she left for the disputed territories.   There she joined up with a small pirate band that preyed into the Peoples Collective and learned how to fly. 

After her band was wiped out by the Lakota, she joined up with the Raiders, early in it's infancy (early '35).   She's a tough pilot, and equally deadly to opponents as she is loyal to the band.  She's a deadly gunner, although her piloting skills means she doesn't get as many shots as she would like.

Aircraft: Judy flies a modified Bloodhawk.  She had the lighter armament replaced with a pair of Barret .50 calibers and had them modified for rapid fire. (This aircraft uses the Superior Rapid Fire characteristic).

Weapons: Although Miller is a decent brawler (due to her ISA heritage), she doesn't have the brute strength to stay long in a fight.  For that her excellent gun-handling skills put her Colt 1911 .38 super to use.