Pat "Sheriff" Garret
Fighter Wing Falcon.  Wing Position: Wing Leader

Biography: Garret is a tall, lanky man, moustached man, looking much if he stepped out of a dime western, the sole exception being that he wears a US army officers cap instead of a hat.

History:  Garret is a former lawman from what was Idaho.   When the Crash came, he pooled the towns resources and purchased a pair of old bi-planes for the town defence.    They used these for several years before they were finally shot down by a better armed pirate gang.

Although succesful prior to this, the elections booted him in favor of a new candidate (Who brought with him a pair of Devastators).    Although not holding a grudge against his town, the bug of flying had bit him, and he travelled southward, seeking a piloting job, before landing in Free Colorado.  Eventually joining the same type of gang he had been fighting against.

He has fit in well, not holding any grudge against them, and with the bands code of conduct, even approves of many of their actions.

Aircraft: Garret flies a modified J2 Fury.  He replaced the finicky .70 caliber Goliath, with a more reliable .60 caliber Barret.     With the weight he saved, he added a pair of hardpoints.

Weapons: Sheriff carries a pair of S&W .38/44 revolvers, more powerful versions of the standard .38.

Matt "Rancher" Marion.
Fighter Wing Falcon. Wing Position: Wing 1.

Biography: Another former cattleman, his costume makes it tough to tell if he's a rancher or a pilot, the distinction being tough.   Tall and with a beard and moustache, he retains his hat, chaps and boots, retaining only a aviator's jacket as his pilot-suitable garb.   He is hot-tempered and is quick on a fight if someone makes fun of his last name (which is often).

History:  A former rancher from Montana, Matt was a founding member of the Raiders.   He joined after his ranch was burned to the ground and most of his cattle killed or taken by a Lakota Raid.   Selling off what little remainder he had, it was enough to purchase a much-worn J2 Fury.    At first a poor pilot, he quickly gained an aptitude for flying, although he still remains somewhat slow on the trigger and is vulnerable to flash and sonic rockets.

Matt flies a un-modified J2 Fury.

Weapons: Mckinsey carries a Colt New Service .44-40 that he had picked up on one of his trips to pre-breakup New Mexico.