Chance Vought F4 Corsair.

F4 Corsair
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The F4 Corsair has already in it's short life, set 3 new records. The first, being the first aircraft specifically requested by the nation of Hawaii.   The second was that it was the first single-engine aircraft to achieve 600 miles without aid of fuel tanks or extra loads of fuel, through use of larger internal tanks.

 The third, it is the first aircraft that has come about of a direct co-operation of two large companies (The Hughes Firebrand, in co-operation with Lockheed, just out in early 1937, lags behind, the Corsair introduced in Mid-36).   In a set of back-room dealings, Chance-Vought and Fairchild struck a deal, and as a result, many internal parts can be shared between the two.   In exchange Fairchild got a chunk of the initial purchase and continued orders for some of the parts.

The beginning of the Corsair came about in late 1935, when King Kalaniana'ole reached a decision to upgrade and standardize the Hawaiin aircraft, being a motley assortment of Devastators, Warhawks, Avengers, and even older bi-planes and seaplanes, some with pathetically short ranges (Considering the need for long range in the Pacific).

He contacted Chance-Vought and placed a interim order for 12 Skewers, both out of necessity and to show them that he was more than casually interested in a new aircraft.    He chose Chance-Vought mainly because they were the most willing to custom-build an aircraft with specific needs in mind at that time and do it as wanted.

His requirements were seemingly simple, but became complicated over time; Superior range, on par with a twin engine fighter, the new self-sealing fuel tanks, reliable armament, and ability to reach out and chase the newest, fastest fighters.

The result....The F4 Corsair. Range making it the equal of the Grumman Avenger (A highly thought of plane in Hawaii), firepower equal to the Brigand, a engine allowing it to cruise at the same speed as a Fury, but able to catch a Bloodhawk in a pinch. Armor enough to shrug off attacks by light guns, and self-sealing tanks allowing the pilots to retain enough fuel to reach land again.

Hawaii purchased 48 of the new fighters, the cost swallowing a massive percentage of the defence budget (nearly $700,000 in Empire State Dollars, or 175,000 British Pounds).

However being well below the ordering threshold, Chance-Vought accepted other orders, in the end totalling 100 aircraft before beginning production.     In a somewhat surprising move, the co-order aircraft went to Khan Industries, also based in the Pacific, thus proving the needs of this battleground.

Since then, the F4 Corsair has sold well.  It's higher price tag have kept it out of the hands of most pirates except for a couple of larger gangs.  It's other costly improvements such as extended range, self-sealing fuel tanks are likewise not essential items for many land-based militias.

Primary Users:   Thus far almost 70% of the F4 Corsairs sold have gone to the Pacific.  Among the most known users is Hawaii, where they are the backbone of their air force, with now 5 squadrons operating them.  

Likewise they are becoming staple aircraft of Khan Industries, which operates mixed squadrons, but supposedly employs near 70 of the aircraft of all the variations.  

Because of Khan Industries large use of them, numbers have turned up in the Australian conflict on the Republicans side.  With two full squadrons flying them, and a number of others scattered across the front lines.

The remaining users are quite small, most operating less than half a dozen, most of the time mixed with other aircraft.  

Aircraft Statistics.

Name: Chance-Bought F4 Corsair.
Manufacturer:Chance-Vought with co-operation from Fairchild Aircraft Company.
Class: Fighter/Fighter-Bomber

Engine: Pratt&Whitney 1200
Max Speed: 256MPH
Max acceleration: 98.4 ft/s2
Max Deceleration:65.6 ft/s2
Service ceiling:26,000ft.
Max Range: 600 miles

Crew:1 Pilot.

Weapons: 4, or 6 wing-mounted Sperry-Browning, .50 caliber "Hurricane" cannons,
or 6 Sperry-Browning .40 caliber "Gatekeeper" machine guns.

Game Statistics:

Base Target Number:6
Acceleration:3 (1-AltB)
G-load:3 (2-AltB)

Armor Points:300 (330-AltA) (230-AltB)
Port Wing Leading:50(60-AltA)(40-AltB)
Port Wing Trailing:50(30-AltB)
Starboard Wing Leading: 50(60-AltA)(40-AltB)
Starboard Wing Trailing:50(30-AltB)

4, .50 Calibers forword. Gun positions,5,6,7,8.
Alternate A. 6,.40 Calibers forword. Gun positions 1,4,5,6,7,8
Alternate B. 6,.50 Calibers forword.Gun positions 1,4,5,6,7,8

Special Characteristics:
Premium Range.(+50%)
Superior Weapons
Self-sealing fuel tanks.
Superior Engine.(Target Number -1)

Price:  $14,396