Eagle Wing.  Lead 4 and Wing 4.
 Jack "Redman" Running Bull.
 Fighter-Bomber Wing Eagle.  Wing Position: Lead 4.
 Stats: 6-7-4-3-3-3

 Biography:  Jack is a tall, lean Indian.  Although he doesn't wear the braods many associate with his people, his clothing, decorated with ornate drawings and beaded patches reflect his heritage.

 History:  An Indian from one of the Montana reservations, Jack is one of the forming pilots of the Montana Raiders.   He is one of the few Native American's with a bitter distaste for the Lakota's crusade to retake their lands, viewing it as merely a reversal of roles over a war fought long enough ago that none, save for a very few elders remember.  

He is a deadly pilot,  with seemingly a sixth sense as to where an enemy airplane will end up, along with the skills to maneuver his plane into position.  

 Aircraft:  Jack flies a William and Colt Peacemaker, with the .60 calibers swapped out.  In their place are six .50 caliber Brownings.   This gives him slightly longer range with near-equal punch, and also allowing a varied loadout.

 Weapons:  As deadly on the ground as in the air, Jack prefers stealth over brute force.   He capable of unbelievable stealth movement and can approach up to someone without being heard.   As such his primary weapon is a massive sheath knife, backed up by a custom .475 Colt New Service, a custom-modified revolver being made in Sky Haven.

Anna "Anchorage" Kerensky.
F-B Wing Eagle.  Wing Position: Wing 4.

Biography: Tall, about 5'11", she is a platinum blonde, with a dark attitude in contrast.   It is said her scowls will maim dogs and temporarily cripple children.   Her main feature is a scar running down her cheek, leading many to confuse her with Anna Rasputin, "Marshill" Bill Redmann's wingman.

History: A woman from old Russian nobility, she is easily one of the more unusual pilots in the Montana Raiders.   She has a burning hatred for Red Bolsheviks, which is usually directed at Red Russian targets or Peoples Collective fighters.

A teenager during the Russian Civil War, she was among the first refugees that fled to Alaska.  Upon being pursued by numerous Bolshevik splinter groups, she was among the first to enlist in the newly formed White Russian Air Militias.

No one knows the reason of why she left the primary battleground of anti-Red movement and joined the Raiders, she has not mentioned it and no-one wants to ask (Or has had the nerve).

Against Grant's orders, whenever in contact with Communist forces, she refuses to allow a crippled plane to flee, or a pilot bail out, strafing pilots in the silk.   This has led to several tense standoff's, although none have ever come to a undeserving end.

Aircraft:  Anchorage flies an unmodified M210 Raven.

Weapons:  A firm proponent of "Overbearing firepower", she does have a slightly overbore focus on personal sidearms, nearly rivalling the Raider's leader in carried firepower.  She carries two sidearms, a Colt New Service revolver, chambered to the powerful .45 long colt, and a Mauser Broomhandle, a later manufactured one with a selector switch, allowing full automatic fire.