Eagle Wing, Lead 3 and Wing 3

 Claton "Tiny" Tippin.
 Fighter-Bomber Wing Eagle. Wing Position: Lead 3.

6' 7", and massive, all of it muscle and brawn. Claton can barely fit into his Rifleman's cockpit, this is beneficial in the fact that he is less affected by canopy hits or flash rockets.  On the ground his size makes him nearly invulnerable in fights. He has been known to absorb up to and including 2X4's and crowbars.

History: A former RTAF ranger, he left Texas and joined the Raiders in early 1936, just before their worldwide cruise.    He left the Air Rangers after he was severely reprimanded for "Unconductive tendancies on the ground", reffering to his eternal love for brawling.  Knowing that he would be reprimanded again, likely with the clipping of his wings, and after seeing how many of the RTAF rangers treated the occupied Oklahomans, left for Colorado, taking his Rifleman with him.

Claton flies a William and Colt Rifleman, unmodified.  Although  A "Restricted" aircraft, when he left the Rangers he simply stole it.  His aircraft is named "Yellow Rose", with the predictable beauty portrayed against a yellow rose.   

On the ground he rarely uses his handguns, preffering his fists, however he is proficeant with his two, .45 Colt Peacekeepers. And he better be, with their slow reloads, it is basically 12 shots and you're done.

"Tuffy" Hendricks.
Fighter-Bomber Wing Eagle. Wing Position: Wing 3.

  5' 6", and roughly 55 years, he is clearly an older drunk, usually 2 weeks of beard on his face and unkempt hair, usually covered by an old battered sea captains cap (How he got it is a mystery, he has only been to the sea in the last year).

An aging pilot that the group picked up when it was first formed and in need of pilots.  Since then, he has stuck on, although it would be ideal to boot him from the gang, he nonetheless remains, a mediocre pilot.  

He was formerly a successful farmer in what is now the Peoples Collective.  When the depression hit he was able to escape the effects moderately well.   Then the PC government came and he lost everything.   He fled to Colorado, taking with him enough of his stashed gold and silver coins to purchase a Hughes Devastator, before falling into a month long drunk.

He joined the Raiders after he sold his Devastator to Grant Olson, their leader, for the paltry sum of one thousand dollars, to help finance his bout of drink.   Olson offered him a chance to join the group, and keep his plane, as long as he stayed with the group, an offer which "Tuffy" took immediately.

Since then the entire group has worked to wean him off the booze, only rationing it out from the bar, and confinscating it whenever found.   However the crafty old man still manages to get some, one time sneaking AND hiding for three weeks, a 40 gallon keg of beer on the zeppelin, found only after he shoved the empty onto the flight deck.

His booze leaves him edgy on long combat missions, he can fly adequately, but often misjudges distance, opening fire at long range, and in his fits, often can fail to unjam weapons.  However this is advantage in the fact that he can often be unaffected by flash rockets, due to sometimes even being drunk while in the cockpit.   Regardless of his flying habits, he is liked by the crew, and felt to be worth what little extra trouble.  

He flies an un-modified Hughes Devastator MK I.   It is an aging aircraft, but with his helping the mechanics, it remains in top shape.  (Despite the booze, he is a top-notch mechanic)  It's named "Hellfire and Damnation", with it's noseart consiting of a thundercloud spitting streaks of fire and thunder against the emblem of the People's Collective.

A poor shot on the ground, he has recently gone to carrying a pair of double barreled 12 guage pistols whenever on the ground.   Although inaccurate past 15 yards, he is unable to hit anything past 10 yards with a handgun anyway