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Pathways Through the Pacific!   (Right click and "save target as" for download).   My own fan-created sourcebook!   Follow the China Clipper across the dangerous and pirate-infested Pacific.  But not all dangers come from pirates! Join us as we investigate Kahn Industries, dangerous South Pacific Industrial giant.  The Koji Empire, a Japanese princess waging the might of the Japanese military.  However there are heros, such as the Empire Volunteer group waging war in China against the Japanese, and Jake CUtter, cargo pilot of the Marivellas.

Zeppelins and Bombers  (link to it's webpage) The OFFICIAL FASA Zeppelins and Bombers release, completed and written by mister Patrick Koepke.  I don't think I need to explain this, as it is the mythical Unicorn of Crimson Skies universe.

The Hellhounds of Mexico   A fan-created campaign by Yahzuk of Yahzuk's hanger.   A conflict between Mexican Air Squadrons and their German advisors, versus Texas Air Rangers.  Very nice diagrams and well illustrated.

Game Rules.    
Yahzuk's Bomber Rules  Created by Yahzuk.    VERY good system for introducing bombers into the game.    While not the official FASA version, I myself do quite like these riles and are a good alternative.

Yahzuk's Zeppelin Rules.   Created by Yahzuk.  Another excellent system for introducing zeppelins into the game.  I've jury-rigged a few rules of my own (not seen here) for personal play and to slightly better their playability.   Again: While not the FASA version, I used these rules before the Zeppelins & Bombers formal introduction and am a firm believer in them, and would like a huge amount of  thanks going out for his efforts to bring  agood zeppelin introduction to Crimson Skies.


Game Counters.

By Carthaginian: Very well made, created from the work by Topsolitaro.
Fairchild F4 Bandit
GM Tempest
Marquette PR-5 Retaliation.
Mcdonnell Sparrowhawk P9.
Mckinley Wind Saber
Voss Krieg/Kraut 157
GM Intrepid
Polikerpov PK-I-16 Type 24
Bell King Cobra

By Grant.  Admittedly amateurish but okay.
Chance-Vought F4 Corsair

Game Templates:
Personal Combat Damage Template   Created for my "Crimson Bar Rooms and Redheaded Dames" personal combat game.

Crimson Skies Media.

Crimson Skies Action Theator.  Only four of the original 6 promotional audio clips first available from MSN zone, as promotion for the Crimson Skies PC game.   No longer available from official sources, these clisp SOLELY belong to Microsoft, S&T or whoever owns them now.
Crimson Skies Action Theator 1
Crimson Skies Action Theator 2
Crimson Skies Action Theator 3
Crimson Skies Action Theator 4