The Disputed Territories is currently among the most hotly and coldly contested land in North America.   No one really wants it, but it has enough natural resources and size that someone has to have it.

    It consists of large sections of Nevada, Idaho, Montana and the surrounding areas.  Most of the surrounding nations want some part or another of it.   Pacifica wants a large section of Idaho, and into the western plains of Montana.   Hollywood desires Nevada and the southern portion of Idaho, while the Lakota and Peoples Collective lust after eastern Montana and Wyoming.

 Of course none of these factions consider the locals opinions of them.  Of which almost all have little regard for the nations.    The largest percentage are hard-working, rural folk.   Although all displeased with the national government, most were in favor of reworking it, rather than outright collapse.   And although strong localist sentiment is issued (Often even by Unionists), Unionist movements are quite strong here.

Law and order is achieved locally.  The state governments collapsed, but in their places, many small "Nations" arose.  Mainly centered around the county seats and the like.  Some banding together into large groups, all meant for better defence.    Protection is in the hands of local sheriffs and militias.     

What little development that is actually coming into these areas are larger corporations, intent on capitolizing on the mineral and oil deposits in this area (The latter of which is just being discovered).   As such, their companies often provide token protection to the local towns and districts.

Of course with no central government, piracy is rampant.   The locals are for the most part ignored, most with little enough to be not worth attacking.    Yes, most pirate bands simply base there and raid into the surrounding nations.

Montana.   One of the more volatile regions.  Heavily populated by it's settlers, and the new target of the Lakota nation.  Also home to a number of mining and oil companies...And pirates.