Cindy "Raven" Daniels

    Biography:     5' 11", 28 years old, shoulder length black hair and a naturally tan skin, with a curving figure that has a horde of men across North America and the world under her sway.    Although a common figure among the unit whenever it tours the bars, she usually remains reserved, rarely leaving a quiet corner.

With experiance on Southern stages, she sometimes assumes other identities as a plant aboard targets.    Although she loathes the job, she is quite effective at it, and that, combination of her looks and weapons skills has led to several extremely impressive captures.

Her looks however often conceal her pure deadliness.  After the Raider's chief mechanic painted the figurehead on the Helena's bow, a boisterous drunk in Sky Haven made a referance of her to it.   Before realizing his error, he had been slammed against the wall, and had 6 knives pinning his coat collar, sleeves and pant legs to the wall, and she was gone, leaving him in a puddle of humiliation (among other things).

    History:  Cindy was born in the deep south in 1909.  Her father from a well-known and respected family, and her mother a Cuban whom he met in the Spanish-American War.

    Her father fought in the Great War, becoming the oldest American to be a fighter pilot in that war (He served in the Italian Air Force, being refused from British, French and the US air branches), where he acquired his love of flying.
  When the Great War ended, he promptly bought a war-surplus Spad and continued flying.  When Cindy turned 16, he promptly purchased her a identical aircraft, under the condition that she learn how to fly, and maintain it herself.  In a short time she became a skilled pilot, although without any gunnery experiance due to the lack of fighting.

When the breakup of the States came,  her father prompty volunteered to a local air militia, with Cindy joining soon afterwards.   They were assigned differant flights, but both remained close, and it was in this time that Cindy's flying skills quickly blossomed, although her gunnery skill still lagged behind.

In early 1935, her normal life came to an end.   Her father's patrol flight was ambushed by pirates, and in the ensuing slaughter, all four Dixie fighters were shot down.   When the relief flight arrived, the three remaining pirate fighters immediately ducked over the boarder with Appalachia.

Against direct orders, Cindy pursued them, and downed all three of the aircraft, before being shot down by an Appalachian air patrol for intruding into their airspace. 

She returned to her aerodrome where she was promptly court-martialled from the militia for dis-obeying a direct order and nearly causing an international incedent.

It was soon thereafter that Cindy realized that she had been blacklisted from any militia service by her former CO.    

Selling off the last of her family assets with the exception of her home, she purchased a Whittly & Douglass 210 Raven, then set out for Appalachia as a private person, searching out a privateer or pirate unit friendly to Dixie.  Luckily no-one recognized her before she hired on with the Montana Raiders, a unit which did not raid Dixie, but did it's northern Empire State and ISA neighbors.

She was assigned a spot in the lead squadron, where she served for several months.  When Grant's current wingman, Pat Garret, moved to command the fighter wing, she moved up, and took his palce as Grant's wingman.   A move which proved very fruitful.

His superior gunnery skill took advantage of  her superior ability to sense trouble and flying skills that far overshadowed his abilities.   Her ability to make impressive maneuvers, black hair, aircraft choice, combined for her callsign, Raven.

Raven is Grant's current wingman, and decidedly loyal to him, both because of the pay, and personal reasons.     Although neither are involved romantically, they are closer than much of the crew and neither even consider new wingmen.

     Skills: 9-5-4-3-3-1 .  Each turn she also gets one free Pushing the G's roll.  Decided BEFORE it is determined if she fails.

     Plane:     Cindy flies a Whittley & Douglass M210 Raven, the same as her wing leader.  However that is where all distinction ends.    She has pulled the stock engine, and put in one custom-made in Sky-Haven using Pratt&Whittney components.  Using this the Raven can achieve nearly 300MPH and it's acceleration is double that of the factory version.

Concessions have been made of course, the aircraft is not nearly as agile as it was before, and the wing-mounted .40's have been downgraded to .30's.

Her aircraft's noseart consists of a Raven(The bird) in the middle of a dive, a mean look on it's face and a pair of rockets (bolted?) to each wing.

Aircraft Stats: Speed 4, Accel 2, G's 2, Armor 50 on all locations. 2X.50, 4X.30.  The aircraft still has Light Stick characteristic and also has the Superior Engine (-1) characteristic.

     Weapons:         Cindy's lack of aerial gunnery skills carry over onto the ground.   Not a reknowned weapons expert, she only carries a 9MM Browning Hi-power because of it's large magazine capacity, and only carries two extra magazines.

Her skill lies in the use of edged weaponry.   Originally an oddity, she became an expert in knife-throwing and use of them as a combat tool.  In place of extra magazines, she usually carries a half dozen throwing knives,and a large sheath knife.  

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