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New Century Pictures                                                             Sponsorship

  The Century Centurions are one of the squadrons of the Hollywood Knights, however are one of the more, let us say ragged and "uncouth" of the Knight's squadrons.   Sponsored by what many call a "mid level" production company and manned by B grade actors and not even millionaires, it is considered the Black Sheep of the Hollywood Militia's.

When the Hollywood Knights were first formed, there were two squadrons, the Metro Marauders sponsored by MGM and a second sponsored by Howard Hughes Colossal Pictures.  As time went on, several others were formed with approval by the movie commission and Knight's leadership.   Republic Pictures moved into a prominant place in Hollywood and sponsored a third squadron, and then a fourth and fifth were organized by several other motion picture companies.

New Century Pictures was once the up and coming company of Hollywood, however after fierce competition, Republic Pictures pulled ahead out of  the middle tier, leaving Century behind.  While it wasn't the cause, Century council members believed that at least partially due to Republic sponsoring their own squadron.

It took a great deal of convincing and back room bribes, however Century for sponsorship.  Somewhat ironically, being a second line company, the squadron is as well.      The pilots are drawn from Century's contracted actors, and regional celebrities rather than the big name stars in some of the other lead squadrons.


They were formed in 1933, formed to spearhead the 1934 "Re-occupation of Hollywood territory".     Many experts dispute whether that conflict with Pacifica was retaking of Hollywood territory from Pacifica or squashing a homegrown uprising.      

 The 1934 conflict came when a series of new business taxes and trade deals were made, most of which favored the film industry, which was a large money maker and the manufacturing industry, which the government was trying to boosy to levels which would make the new nation almost self-suffeciant in all manufactured goods from ammunition to aircraft to clothing.        

The largely agricultural and mining and logging industry of Northern Hollywood saw no extra benefits as given to those industries.  Meanwhile, their neighbors across the border in Pacifica were the bread and butter of the Portland Government.

Thus, the locals didn't give much thought as Pacifica air militias moved south to "Protect innocent civilians against piracy, regardless of nationality", and quite often in fact lodged the pilots and supplied them with fuel and supplies.

When Hollywood moved north to drive off the Pacifica Air Militia's, there was stiff resistance.   While the details are still murky, it is known that within a week, Pacifican reinforcements were arriving from their northern regions and aircraft were being shipped to the region brand new from the Boeing plant, while Hollywood tried to eliminate Pacifican air power as it scraped up a ground force to take over the Pacifia airfields.

The conflict went back and forth for several months, slowly rising, then dropping in intensity.  In the end, Pacifica and Hollywood agreed on a demilitarized zone, the area remaining under Hollywood control and prohibiting Pacifican air militias, while allowing Hollywood "adequate forces to control pirate predation".

Currently the Centurions are stationed in Sacremento, near the rich rail and air lines to Reno in the Disputed Territories.   The Knights are not the only militia Hollywood has, however is the elite and best equipped.  Thus while they don't usually pull normal patrol duty, they do get into some of the thickest fighting in the region.       Pirate activity is high, raiding into Hollywood territory from Pacifica, while avoiding Pacifica militia by ducking into the Disputed Territories.       That and flights from both Hollywood and Pacifica "Accidentally" cross the disputed border regions whenever action becomes slow.    

The Centurions logo is a Legionnaire helmet, with New Century's tradmark splotlights with the somewhat ironic latin phrase "Namquam Denique" which roughly translates to "Never Last", which seems a fitting phrase for the squadron.   While undoubtably skilled and well liked by the public and fellow militia pilots, the phrase "Never Last" is well fitting.   Funded by a poverty row company, they aren't as well equipped as the Metro Marauders.       The pilots are not the A-list celebrities.  The fact that none of the pilots hesitate to poke a jab at their more famous counterparts or the Hollywood government, also help their black sheep image leading to their reputation as "Gray Knights".  This has also led to their being one of the most popular units on Hollywood's northern border.

Numbering only ten aircraft, the Centurions are similar to the other Hollywood Knight squadrons by being slightly smaller than most nations squadrons.  Supposedly due to their higher skill.     Their aircraft are as unique as the pilots.   The entirety of the squadron is equipped with the rare Hughes Devastator MK IV.    

Only a dozen were turned out of Hughes Aviation facilities before Devastator production ceased.  The MK IV's were in fact made to use up remaining parts.     Using the powerful Tornado G500, the modified Devastator reaches a top speed of 300MPH.    Of course this had reduced the Devastator's legendary turning abilities.  This was compensated by adding a pair of hardpoints and replacing the inner pair of .40 calibers with .50 caliber Barrets. This gives them a speed nearly matching the newer interceptor aircraft, while retaining the hitting power and armor of fighter-bombers.      This has proved a very usefull jack of all trades, with the Centurions being the sole user of these aircraft, adding to the mystique surrounding the squadron.    As several were destroyed or shot down, several MK III's were converted to MK IV specs.    Likewise, just recently the Centurions acquired a pair of Bloodhawks and a single Firebrand to replace their oldest Devastators.

Centurion squadron numbers ten pilots and a single gunner.  

Notable  Pilots.

Clark Drake.
Stats: 8-3-6-6-6-3

History:   Drake is one of Century's biggest actors, as well as pilot.   He is not the most-used actor in Hollywood, primarily because he gains much of his popularity and appeal from his aerial exploits.      Tall, with a moustache and swaggering walk, many have compared him to Loyle Crawford, a comparison that is despised by both.

Drake got his start piloting aircraft as a stunt pilot for Colossal Pictures.   After  argument too many, he was fired and then hired by Century, who saw his talent as a big money-maker, within weeks appearing in several short films and then going on to lead the Centurions.  

Piloting a stock Hughes Devastator, he has passed on the several new Bloodhawks and Firebrands, surprising many other pilots.     When asked about his reasoning he gave the reporters a sauve grin and said he was too partial to the nose art, which is too scandalous to make it past even the more liberal censors in Hollywood today.

Sarah Davis

History:   Davis is a pilot through and through.  Not in the movie industry, like the rest of her squadron mates, she instead gained notoriety only after saving the Centurion's leader (Drake) from a pirate ambush over the DMZ, piloting a regional militia owned aircraft.     With that incident, she joined the Centurions by invitation, and has moved up the ranks.

An attractice blonde, she has turned down several offers to star in a movie, and has no interest. She has become Drake's wingman after his previous one quit the Centurions for a full time acting career.   Her gunnery skills lag, however she has an almost sixth sense when it comes to anticipating an opposing pilots moves.    

She pilots one of the two new Bloodhawks in the unit, it's agility allowing her to keep tight on the tail of an opposing fighter.

Sarah is most known for an "incident" involving a gala held in Los Angeles.     While most of the Hollywood Knights were in attendance, all were in their "shmoozing" attire of gowns, tuxedoes and.....unarmed, including her squadron leader.        When she arrived in clean and pressed (but normal) jodhpurs and riding boots and openly carrying her personally owned 1911 Colt .40 caliber, the doorman attempted to bar her entry.    After an altercation involving a broken nose and a compromise later of her surrendering her weapon she was allowed in, although the incident raged for weeks in the tabloids.