WELCOME TO MONTANARAIDERS.COM!
Montana Raiders was formed by myself, Grant S in 2009 due to a general lack of Crimson Skies websites and material.  


   WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Yes, that's right, after nearly four years of inactivity I am somewhat slowly updating the website, mainly fixing now-dead links and adding new stuff that is of interest.

Please read this front page for a quick guide on how to find your way around the website :-)   I am a old man in a youngun's body, so my website is designed with circa-2004 in mind.
 We are now on facebook HERE  And we welcome all to join, also to join the forum and the conversation.     I am going to put my best effort into re-activating this old game.   I will admit I am not as active as I should be, however I hope to remedy that

    First, let me give you a tour of the place.    Montana Raiders website has:

What's new: Check there and see exactly what the new updates are as they come along/
Lounge:  Player fiction, links, news reports and general information center for the Crimson Skies.  
Rules: House rules, stuff I use, and donated by members of the site.
Downloads: Aircraft counters, maps, and Crimson Skies Action Theator. Also Includes my South Pacific Sourcebook!  Over 60 pages of unit information, aircraft designs, new rules and special characteristics.  Also where to find the Zeppelins and Bombers webpage
Aircraft: Whatever aircraft are created will be put here.
Locals: Check out all the exotic (and deadly) locations worldwide.
Pirates:  Keep an eye out for these bloodthirsty (some more than others) buccaneers.
Military:  And here's a list of those who can (Probably) keep you safe from said pirates.
Private: They might help you too....for a price...if they aren't busy.
Forums:  Come and join us in a CS discussion!
Contact: Got a question? Drop me a line.
An active and updated forum.  In this forum are many members who have developed their own rules, including in-depth bomber and zeppelin construction!
   A mirror-image of the long-gone Crimson Skies Universe.  It can be found at this link: http://www.montanaraiders.com/mirror/index.html
    A fan-made Sourcebook, by myself, titled "Pathways Through the Pacific", which can be found in the Downloads section of the website.
    And the website itself, with planes, units, rules and aircraft developed by myself and the Crimsonm Skies forum & community.  

  Zeppelins and Bombers has now been fully released! That's right folks, the un-official FASA supplement has been completed by the original author! Mister Patrick Koepke, writer of the Crimson Skies Supplement Pride of the Republic, has graciously finished the mothballed project and has allowed Montanaraiders.com to host it!    (Only 15 cents per download.....I kid.  It' really 25 cents.  OKAY...fine it's free).
  You can read it's development HERE  on our forum.
   It can be downloaded HERE
   And you can visit Mister Koepke's personal site HERE
  Please visit the forum and give mister Koepke a round of applause and your personal thanks.  He has put a large amount of work into finishing this product and we all are immensly gratefull to him!


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